Executive Director, AHSC Biorepository

Dr. David Harris is a graduate of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Mathematics and Psychology in 1978.  He earned a Masters of Medical Sciences from Bowman Gray Medical School in 1980 and his Doctorate in Microbiology and Immunology from Bowman Gray Medical School in 1982.  From 1982-1985 Dr. Harris was a Post-doctorate Fellow at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Lausanne, Switzerland. He joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine in 1985 and became member of the faculty at the University of Arizona in Tucson as an Associate Professor in the Department of Immunobiology in 1989.  Dr. Harris established the first cord blood bank in the USA in 1992 and founded 5 companies while at the University of Arizona. He attended university on a football scholarship and maintained his  interest in sports thourghout his career.


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