Bosco Lab

My research program is underpinned by the concept that genes do not exist nor function in isolation, they work together in networks. My lab employs network graph theory and computational systems biology to work backwards (reverse engineering) from genomic profiles of immune cells to reconstruct the wiring diagram of the underlying molecular networks. The long-term goal of this work is to unlock the fundamental principles that govern the functionality of the immune system in healthy versus disease states, unveiling actionable targets for therapeutic intervention. Towards this goal, I have developed a Translational Systems Immunology research program at the Telethon Kids Institute, which brings together clinicians, basic scientists, and systems biology in a complimentary way to accelerate bench-to-bedside research. The research program has a strong focus on translation. It builds capacity in genomic data science, and fosters the development of strong linkages between researchers, clinicians, and industry.

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