Microbiology and Immunity Graduate Certificate Program

This certificate program is intended to educate students at the graduate level in the biological and medical sciences. The focus will be on advanced education in basic and clinical aspects of the fields of microbiology and immunology. The MIGC program is open to candidates who have a Bachelor’s Degree.

With the completion of this certificate program, students will attain a detailed medically relevant knowledge of important concepts, at the graduate level, in the fields of microbiology (bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology) and immunology. This knowledge will enhance the student’s ability to be successful in a variety of biomedical science disciplines, a research career, or to succeed in further graduate or medical education.

The MIGCP is affiliated with the Ph.D. Graduate Program of Molecular Medicine, Immunobiology Emphasis Track.

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**Please be advised** certificate programs are not eligible for federal student loans. For more information on financial aid please contact the Financial Aid Office.