Student Forms


GPMM Graduate Student Handbook


Change of Program Form:  Your major change from ABBS to the program you choose will be effective the fall semester of your 2nd year. Once your placement is finalized you will need to submit this form.

Student Milestone Assessment: This form should be completed by the committee chair and used whenever the following takes place:

  • Committee Meeting 
  • Oral Comprehensive Exam Meeting
  • Final Defense

Students, we ask that you remind your committee chair to complete this form when you schedule your meetings (committee, oral or final defense) with Polly. Polly will be able to schedule you a room, keep accurate records, alert you of any changes and track your milestones.

Student Seminar Presentation Assessment: This form will be completed by the instructor of the seminar class (IMB 696A) every time an IMB student presents in the seminar series.

Annual Forms (Due by June):The following two forms will be reviewed during a PI/Student meeting (to be completed before June 1st) and then will be used to guide discussions during the Annual Graduate Student meeting with Dr. Goodrum, Graduate Program Immunobiology (GPIMB) Director and Dr. Frelinger, Graduate Student Advisor (GSA) the first week of June. 

GPMM Annual Trainee Self Evaluation: This form will be completed by the trainee

GPMM Annual Mentor Evaluation of the Graduate Trainee: This form will be completed by the PI (one for each graduate trainee)

Volunteer Agreement & DCC Form: This form needs to be completed if you are volunteering in our department.