Assistant Professor, Immunobiology

Michael D. L. Johnson received his bachelors from Duke University. He obtained a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studied the effects of calcium on bacterial motility and attachment under the mentorship of Matthew Redinbo. For his postdoctoral training, Michael Johnson went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in order to work with Jason Rosch on metal homeostasis of Streptococcus pneumoniae and subsequently with Douglas Green on the mechanisms of LC3-associated phagocytosis. Michael Johnson joined the faculty of the University of Arizona in 2016.

Postdoctoral Research Associate I

Joe received a BS in Neuroscience in 2011 from St. Lawrence University in upstate (really upstate) New York. He completed a PhD in Chemical and Physical Biology from Vanderbilt University in 2016 under the mentorship of Dr. Borden Lacy. His thesis involved the structural study of bacterial toxins from Clostridia, with an emphasis on the glycosyltransferase domains and candidate inhibitors. Currently, he studies the biochemistry of metal toxicity in pathogens.

Graduate Student

Sanjay Menghani grew up in Vineland, NJ and received his bachelors from UPenn in biochemistry and economics. During his undergrad years, he spent time working in the lab of Dr. Sara Cherry, a renowned virologist and microbiologist. In her lab, he studied Rift Valley fever virus and innate mechanisms of antiviral defense. After spending a year working at the NIH Clinical Center as a Post baccalaureate IRTA Fellow, he moved to Tucson to begin his MD/PhD training at the University of Arizona. After completing his first 2 years of medical school, Sanjay officially joined the Johnson Lab and is working towards his PhD in Immunobiology. Sanjay is interested in understanding infections from both the host cell and pathogen's perspectives. In the Johnson Lab, he will venture to better understand the role of copper and other metals in the infection process, with the end goal of helping to develop novel therapeutic strategies against bacterial infections that he can bring to the bedside down the road.

Research Specialist

Miranda Neubert received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Boston University. After working in Neuroscience at OHSU and the Portland VA Medical Center for over 10 years, Miranda enthusiastically joined the Johnson Lab in July 2016. In her spare time, Miranda enjoys organizing large art projects, gardening, cooking and hiking.

Graduate Student

Henrik received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Utah in 2016. He joined the lab in March of 2018 and is pursuing a PhD in Molecular Medicine – Immunobiology. He is interested in identifying and understanding bacterial pathways utilized in overcoming copper stress. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, playing board games, and solving puzzles.


Preetham Hosur

Professional Science Masters (PSM), Applied Bioscience Program 2018

Itzel Rosa Gutierrez

Professional Science Masters (PSM), Applied Bioscience Program 2018

Michael Trial

BS, Biochemistry 2018

Savannah Weaver

Professional Science Masters (PSM), Applied Bioscience Program 2019

Angela Rivera

BS, Biochemistry 2019

Basmah Abdallah Maiga