Associate Professor, Immunobiology

Sam earned his Ph.D. from Rice University in 2005, studying the biology of adenoviral gene therapy vectors and vector targeting in the laboratory of Michael Barry now at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He then trained as a postdoc from 2005-2008 with Michelle Ozbun at the University of New Mexico, focusing on human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Sam came to The University of Arizona in 2008 as an assistant research professor in the BIO5 Institute and joined the Department of Immunobiology as an assistant professor in 2011. Sam was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in Spring 2017.


Graduate Student/ Volunteer

Graduate Research Assistant

Student Worker

Advait is a Graduate Student working on the role of the conserved L2 C-terminus in virus trafficking.

Graduate Student, Campos Lab, Cancer Biology

Isabelle received her BA in Molecular Biology of Cancer from Hampshire College before working in the Broad Institute's Viral Vector Engineering Lab. Her current project focuses on the intersection of HPV and the cGAS/STING pathway. Outside the lab, Isabelle enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons, her cats, and teaching her cats to play Dungeons & Dragons.


Matthew Bronnimann

Graduate Student

Christine Calton

Postdoctoral Research Associate I

Mingfeng Lu

Masters Student

Shaan Bhullar
UBRP Student
Matthew Christofferson
Research Tech
Eduardo Gamez
Student Worker
Shuaizhi Li
Graduate Student, Campos Lab, Immunobiology Track

Li is a native of China and currently working on his Ph.D. through the Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine. He is investigating the cellular redox requirements for HPV infection.

Erica Spence
Student Worker
Brittany Uhlorn

Graduate Assistant, Research