Director, Microbial Pathogenesis Program

Maggie So trained with with Stanley Falkow at the University of Washington for her PhD, and with Brian McCarthy at the University of California, San Francisco, for her postdoctoral work.


Morgan M. Brown

Undergraduate Student

Timothy F. Chan

Undergraduate Student

Alyson Hockenberry
Danielle M. Hutchens

Undergraduate Student

Won Jong Kim

Graduate Student

Rahik Mazumder

Undergraduate Student

Nicolas Alexander Alvarado
Kizzy Brooks

Kizzy is double majoring in Microbiology and Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Psychology. She is interested in pursuing higher education in Immunology and Microbiology.


Andrew Carlos Encinas Johnson

Andrew is a Physiology major at the University of Arizona and plans on pursuing a career in medicine after he graduates. Being a Tucson native, he enjoys volunteering at local organizations such as Tu Nidito Children and Family Services and relishing in the intrinsic beauty of the Tucson desert through frequent hiking.

Mancheong (Iris) Ma
Graduate Student, So Lab