Sanjay Menghani

Graduate Assistant, Research

Sanjay Menghani grew up in Vineland, NJ and received his bachelors from UPenn in biochemistry and economics. During his undergrad years, he spent time working in the lab of Dr. Sara Cherry, a renowned virologist and microbiologist. In her lab, he studied Rift Valley fever virus and innate mechanisms of antiviral defense. After spending a year working at the NIH Clinical Center as a Post baccalaureate IRTA Fellow, he moved to Tucson to begin his MD/PhD training at the University of Arizona. After completing his first 2 years of medical school, Sanjay officially joined the Johnson Lab and is working towards his PhD in Immunobiology. Sanjay is interested in understanding infections from both the host cell and pathogen's perspectives. In the Johnson Lab, he will venture to better understand the role of copper and other metals in the infection process, with the end goal of helping to develop novel therapeutic strategies against bacterial infections that he can bring to the bedside down the road.