Michael S Kuhns, PhD

Professor, Immunobiology
Professor, BIO5 Institute
Professor, Genetics-GIDP

Michael Kuhns did his PhD training with James Allison at UC Berkeley studying the role that CTLA-4 plays in regulating CD4 T cell responses. He then went on to Stanford University for his postdoctoral studies with Mark Davis, studying the architecture and function of the TCR-CD3 complex, and joined the Department of Immunobiology at the University of Arizona in 2010. When in search of a mental diversion, he enjoys mountain biking and hiking in the local desert and sky islands.

  • BS: University of Arizona
  • PhD: University of California, Berkeley
  • Post-doctoral Fellow: Stanford University

Recent Publications


Kobayashi, S., M. A. Thelin, H. L. Parrish, N. R. Deshpande, M. S. Lee, A. Karimzadeh, M. A. Niewczas, T. Serwold, and M. S. Kuhns, "A biomimetic five-module chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) designed to target and eliminate antigen-specific T cells.", Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, vol. 117, issue 46, pp. 28950-28959, 2020 Nov 17. PMCID: PMC7682351  PMID: 33139567


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