Melissa Moy

Graduate Student, Goodrum Lab, Cancer Biology

Melissa received her BS in Biology from Iowa State University. She is interested in HCMV's interactions with the host cell and how the virus is modulating different signaling pathways. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, sculpting, spending time with her family and pretending like she can keep up with all of the new slang terms millennials come up with, in what seems like a daily basis (she is a millennial too).

Recent Publications


Mlera, L., M. Moy, K. Maness, L. N. Tran, and F. D. Goodrum, "The Role of the Human Cytomegalovirus Gene Locus in Latency and Reactivation.", Viruses, vol. 12, issue 7, 2020 07 01. PMCID: PMC7411667  PMID: 32630219