Kiah Sleiman

Student Worker

Kiah is double majoring in Biochemistry and French while working as an undergraduate student in the Wu lab. Her studies revolve around the impact of autoimmune arthritis on lung pathology in our mouse model. When she isn't in the lab or doing classwork, she is usually at her job as an adaptive swim instructor and coach of a Special Olympics swim team, or she is crafting or exploring Tucson with her friends. 

Recent Publications


Bates, N. A., A. Li, T. Fan, M. P. Cutcliffe, C. B. Dagenet, K. C. Sleiman, H. Ma, S. Tahsin, C. S. Garrett, J. Altemus, et al., "Gut Commensal Segmented Filamentous Bacteria Fine-Tune T Follicular Regulatory Cells to Modify the Severity of Systemic Autoimmune Arthritis.", J Immunol, vol. 206, issue 5, pp. 941-952, 2021 Mar 01. PMID: 33462137