Jose L Padilla-Torres

Assistant Specialist, Immunobiology

Jose Padilla-Torres graduated from the UABC, Mexicali, Mexico in 1980 with a B.S. in Veterinary Medicine. He joined the Nikolich Lab in 2008 and manages the extensive transgenic mouse colony and assists in parabiosis and other surgeries, and maintains and supervises the biosafety, radiation safety and other compliance trainings and records. When not in the lab, he likes mountain biking, traveling, and enjoying the beaches of Mexico (Lets all go!!!).

Recent Publications


Davies, J. S., H. L. Thompson, V. Pulko, J. Padilla Torres, and J. Nikolich-Zugich, "Role of Cell-Intrinsic and Environmental Age-Related Changes in Altered Maintenance of Murine T Cells in Lymphoid Organs.", J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci, vol. 73, issue 8, pp. 1018-1026, 2018 Jul 09. PMCID: PMC6037132  PMID: 28582491


Pugh, J. L., S. A. Foster, A. S. Sukhina, J. Petravic, J. L. Uhrlaub, J. Padilla-Torres, T. Hayashi, K. Nakachi, M. J. Smithey, and J. Nikolich-Zugich, "Acute systemic DNA damage in youth does not impair immune defense with aging.", Aging Cell, vol. 15, issue 4, pp. 686-93, 2016 08. PMCID: PMC4933672  PMID: 27072188