Emily Merritt

Graduate Student, Koshy Lab, Immunobiology

Emily graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Biochemistry in 2010. After working in an environmental chemistry company in Wilmington, NC, and a subsequent stay in genetics lab of Dr. Ann Stapleton at UNC-Wilmington, Emily applied for graduate school at the University of Arizona.  She joined the fun, yet stimulating Koshy lab in 2016. The focus of her research is to study how toxoplasma gondii infection modulates host pathways in Alzheimer's Disease.

Recent Publications


Merritt, E. F., H. J. Johnson, Z. Sheen Wong, A. S. Buntzman, A. C. Conklin, C. M. Cabral, C. E. Romanoski, J. P. Boyle, and A. A. Koshy, "Transcriptional Profiling Suggests T Cells Cluster around Neurons Injected with Toxoplasma gondii Proteins.", mSphere, vol. 5, issue 5, 2020 Sep 02. PMCID: PMC7471001  PMID: 32878927