Dakota Reinartz

Graduate Student, Wilson Lab, Immunobiology Track

Dakota received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Hampden-Sydney College in May of 2018. He joined the ABBS program the following fall and joined Justin Wilson’s lab in March of 2019. Currently, Dakota's work focuses on investigating the role of the innate immune sensor absent in Melanoma 2 (AIM2) in head and neck cancer carcinogenesis. Outside of the lab, he enjoys rugby, working out and video gaming. 

Recent Publications


Wong, R., J. A. Belk, J. Govero, J. L. Uhrlaub, D. Reinartz, H. Zhao, J. M. Errico, L. D'Souza, T. J. Ripperger, J. Nikolich-Zugich, et al., "Affinity-Restricted Memory B Cells Dominate Recall Responses to Heterologous Flaviviruses.", Immunity, 2020 Oct 02. PMID: 33010224