Chandrasekaran Sambamurphy, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate I

Arun received his doctorate from University of Hyderabad, India. He worked on the molecular and immunological aspects of Leishmania donovani infection. He joined the Koshy lab as Postdoctoral research associate and will be working on transcriptional profiling of individual neurons, which have interacted with Type II and Type III Toxoplasma parasites.

Recent Publications


Parker, S. S., A. Moutal, S. Cai, S. Chandrasekaran, M. R. Roman, A. A. Koshy, R. Khanna, K. E. Zinsmaier, and G. Mouneimne, "High Fidelity Cryopreservation and Recovery of Primary Rodent Cortical Neurons.", eNeuro, vol. 5, issue 5, 2018 Sep-Oct. PMCID: PMC6158653  PMID: 30263951