Pierce Longmire awarded ARCS Scholar

Pierce Longmire has been awarded Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Scholar for outstanding students!

Inspired and enabled by ARCS Foundation's financial support at a crucial moment in their scientific careers, ARCS Foundation's scholars are an impressive, influential and growing community.

ARCS Scholars have gone on to:

  •  contribute recognized research,
  • found notable companies,
  • be awarded numerous patents,
  • publish extensively in their chosen fields.

While grateful for the extraordinary confidence that ARCS Awards bring, ARCS Scholars also enjoy the opportunities afforded by a deep and relevant network.  ARCS Members often provide valuable professional introductions. Fellow ARCS scholars, both in nearby and separate scientific fields offer advice, friendship and collaboration.

Being an ARCS Scholar brings a young scientist into a vibrant network of learning that goes beyond departmental, University campus and regional boundaries.

As one scholar commented, “Being named as an ARCS Foundation Scholar was a great honor. The ARCS Foundation award provided additional funds so that I didn’t have to worry as much about finances. Most of all, I enjoyed meeting other students and members of ARCS Foundation. Hearing about others’ work, sharing my project and talking with members of ARCS Foundation about their lives and interests gave me extra inspiration to work hard.”

Release Date: 
08/01/2023 - 12:00pm