Congratulations Jacob Zbesko

We want to congratulate Jacob Zbesko for winning this award! This is now the 2nd time he earns this award.

CONGRATULATIONS to the UA ARCS Foundation Scholars for 2018-19! (list below)

We received official notice from the ARCS Foundation that you were selected to be one of the UA ARCS Scholars for 2018-19. Congratulations! The award consists of the following 
• $10,500 cash scholarship ($8,500 from ARCS and $2,000 from the Graduate College)
• $500 travel grant (Graduate College), and 
• full base graduate tuition, if needed (Graduate College). 
The funds will be split evenly between the 2018-19 fall and spring semesters and disburse to your UAccess Student account the week prior to classes provided you are registered for units. Please let me know if you have any questions concerning the processing of the award.

In preparation for the Awards Banquet:

1. We will convene a breakfast meeting to review the Awards Banquet and how to present your research to donors. Date and time to be determined.
2. Posters will be uniformly designed by UA Biomedical Communications. Information and deadlines will be forthcoming. 
3. Photos for the Awards Banquet (portrait style) are taken at UA Biomedical Communications. Information about signing up for a photo will be forthcoming. If you are a continuing ARCS Scholar, you may use last year’s photo.

Again congratulations on your award. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Braun Rachel Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Cheng Julia Nina Cancer Biology
Geisler Caroline Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Harty Travis Applied Mathematics
Hellman Brandon Optical Sciences
Hill Daniel Physiological Sciences
Lehmkuhl Erik Molecular and Cellular Biology
Pond Kelvin Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Rasmussen Lindsay Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Ryniawec John Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Savoie Lee Computer Science
Schatz Lauren Optical Sciences
Smith Staci Computer Science
Watts Kristen Elizabeth Chemistry and Biochemistry
Zbesko Jacob Immunobiology

Release Date: 
02/23/2018 - 12:30pm