Advancing neuroimmunology: Untangling biomarkers in the brain

IMB Department Members, Kristian Doyle, Ph.D. and Thuy-Vi Nguyen, Ph.D., will be putting on a 1 hour webinar on Advancing neuroimmunology: Untangling biomarkers in the brain. 

Brief Description:Unraveling how the immune and nervous systems interact has helped advance our understanding of many mechanisms within the brain, from development to diseases. Inflammation and immune responses in the nervous system have been linked to a variety of brain disorders, including neurodegeneration, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and cognitive decline. Our knowledge of immune-related pathologies in the brain and the ability to identify biomarkers for disease and inflammation are key for forming meaningful mechanistic conclusions. In this webinar, our expert panel will share their experience researching neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration-related biomarkers, and will discuss methodologies for tracking pathological changes and quantifying specific inflammatory mediators, such as T cells, cytokines, and antibodies.During this webinar, the speakers will discuss:

·         Best practices and the challenges of studying biomarkers in the brain

·         Techniques for measuring immune-related molecules

·         Protocols for analyzing human samples as well as rodent models

·         And answer your questions live during the webinar

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Release Date: 
10/06/2015 - 5:02am