UArizona Researchers Pivot to Tackle COVID-19, Splitting More Than $500,000 in Funding

Thirteen research teams will address various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic with financial support from rapid-turnaround seed grants supplied through funding from the state and University of Arizona BIO5 Institute.

For his part, the  doctor and immunobiologist Janko Nikolich-Zugich of the University of Arizona School of Medicine says that "Older people are not so good at reacting to microorganisms that they h

“Older people are not as good at reacting to microorganisms they haven’t encountered before,” physician and immunobiologist Janko Nikolich-Zugich of the University of Arizona College of Medicine to

Click above to listen to part 1 of Treating the Virus, featuring Deepta Bhattacharya, immunologist at the University of Arizona whose lab is making a coronavirus antibody test. 

The antibody tests build upon the work of UArizona Health Sciences researchers and BIO5 Institute members Dr. Janko Nikolich-Žugich, professor and head of the Department of Immunobiology, and Deept

UA College of Medicine and the Department of Immunobiology developing antibody tests for COVID-19. Developing 250,000 much needed tests to check for immunity to #COVID19.

UArizona Partners with State to Provide COVID-19 Antibody Tests

The state investment will allow UArizona to test 250,000 of Arizona’s front-line workforce.

Most of the U.S. has state-mandated shelter in place orders to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, most of us are already asking when will life return to normal?

UArizona Medical Students Rally to Help Tucson’s Homeless Amid Pandemic

Concerned about how the pandemic will impact the homeless population, University of Arizona Health Sciences students are screening Tucson’s homeless for symptoms of COVID-19.

Immunobiologist Janko Nikolich-Zugich at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, explained, "The instructor cells grow scarce and start to do the biological equivalent of mumbling.

UArizona Health Sciences Ships COVID-19 Collection Kits to Navajo Nation

The University of Arizona Health Sciences ships 250 COVID-19 sample collection kits to Navajo Nation in Window Rock, Arizona, today.

Faculty-led grassroots efforts are yielding donations of personal protective equipment from basic science laboratories, ASTEC and the College of Nursing.

"Older people are not as good at reacting to microorganisms they haven’t encountered before,” said physician and immunobiologist Janko Nikolich-Zugich of the University of Arizona College of Medici

UArizona Medical Students Step Up to Help Health Care Professionals

More than 70 University of Arizona medical students are helping health care professionals during the COVID-19 crisis by volunteering to provide child care, pet care, grocery shopping and more.

University of Arizona researchers have begun using a test that can detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus in a person who has no obvious symptoms and possibly determine whether someone was once

UArizona College of Medicine – Tucson Students Given Option for Early Graduation in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

In coordination with the University of Arizona and College of Medicine – Phoenix, the College of Medicine — Tucson is offering early graduation to the Class of 2020. This option is for qualified students who wish to serve as new physicians to meet the unprecedented health needs that have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic.

UArizona Cancer Center Joins Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network

The University of Arizona Cancer Center will receive $1.4 million as a collaborating center with the national network of academic, public health and community partners, working together to reduce the burden of cancer, especially among Hispanic cancer survivors.

While you may think that antiseptic wipes or sprays are necessary to kill germs, there's actually a metal that kills germs on contact — no cleaning supplies necessary.

Amid Shortage of COVID-19 Collection Kits, UArizona Scientists Race to Make More

University researchers produced 1,600 COVID-19 specimen collection kits over the weekend.