Assistant Professor

Dominik Schenten trained for his Ph. D. with Klaus Rajewsky at the University of Cologne and Harvard University, studying the development and function of Germinal Center (GC) B cells. For his post-doctoral training, he joined the laboratory of Ruslan Medzhitov at Yale University, where he studied the mechanisms of innate control of adaptive immunity. He joined the faculty of the University of Arizona in 2013.

Research Specialist, Senior

Nicole Congrove graduated from The University of Arizona in 2008 and has been working as a research technician since then. Nicole joined the lab in 2014 and investigates the nature of the innate immune signals released in the context of live infections. When not in the lab, she loves hiking around Tucson, scuba diving in nearby Mexico, and spending time with her family.

Research Technician

Juliana graduated from the Univeristy of Arizona in 2016. She joined the Schenten lab shortly afterwards, where she is interested in innate regualtion of CD4 T cell responses. After her stint in the Schenten lab, Juliana wants to become a physician researcher. Outside the lab, she loves to spend time with her dog.

Undergraduate Student

Nikki an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona. She joined the lab as a member of the UA UBRP summer program. Nikki is currently a undergraduate research in the lab. Her project centers on the innate regulation of Th2 immunity.

Graduate Student, Schenten Lab

Marvin graduated from the University of Arizona in 2013. In the context of his graduate project, he is interested in the regulation of adaptive immunity to viral infections by cytosolic pattern recognition receptors. Marvin likes to enjoy the scenic views of Arizona when hiking or playing golf.


Kevin J Holt
Research Technician 2014-2016

Current position: Graduate Student at Brown University