Associate Professor

Mike Kuhns did his PhD training with James Allison at UC Berkeley studying the role that CTLA-4 plays in regulating CD4 T cell responses. He then went on to Stanford University for his postdoctoral studies with Mark Davis, studying the architecture and function of the TCR-CD3 complex, and joined the Department of Immunobiology at the University of Arizona in 2010. When in search of a mental diversion, he enjoys mountain biking and hiking in the local desert and sky islands.

Katrina graduated from the U of A in 2017. She’s currently exploring the molecular mechanism behind MHC restriction. When not in lab, she likes to walk and learn about the different flowers and trees around campus.

Research Technician

Mark received his bachelor's degree from the University in Arizona in 2011. He subsequently joined the lab to investigate the mechanics of TCR triggering. Mark likes to run Half-Marathons and excels in baking delicious cakes. 

Post-doc, Kuhns Lab

Heather graduated from Westmont College in 2006 and joined the UA graduate program in 2011. For her thesis work, she aims to understand the molecular basis of MHC restriction as well as the role of the CD4 coreceptor in TCR signaling. Outside the lab, Heather likes to walk in the desert with her dog. 



David Isaiah Duron
Research Technician

Current position:  Graduate student at UA Bio/BioMed Science Doctoral Program

Caleb Glassman
Research Technician

Current position: Graduate student at Stanford Medicine in Molecular and Cellular Physiology