Megan received her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. She is currently interested in the nexus between host trafficking and signaling during infection. Megan loves hiking, yoga and crossfit and was trained as an opera singer.

Postdoctoral Research Associate I

Jason received his Ph.D from Iowa State University. He is currently interested in understanding how viruses interpret environmental cues through cellular signaling pathways. While this is really fascinating, he is also obsessed with classical mythology.

Postdoctoral Research Associate I

Shu received her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Tongji University, China. Since then, she has applied her my computational strengths to biological questions and is currently analyzing the cellular transcriptomes associated with CMV-latency. Outside the lab, she enjoys ballet, swimming, and hiking in and around Tucson.

Postdoctoral Associate I

Donna received her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from Louisiana State University Health in Shreveport. She is currently interested in the host factors and molecular mechanisms regulating reactivation from latency. Donna likes tropical fish, hiking and cave exploring.

I received my B.S. in ecology & evolutionary biology and molecular &cellular biology at the University of Arizona. After completing my post-baccalaureate program at the University of Georgia I decided to come back to the university of Arizona to start my PhD in immunobiology. I am interested in host-pathogen interactions and how this interplay affects viral pathogenesis and life cycle. Outside of work I enjoy cooking, camping, and reading.

Melissa received her B.S. in Biology from Iowa State University. She is interested in hCMV's interactions with the host cell and how the virus is modulating different signalling pathways. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, sculpting, spending time with her family and pretending like she can keep up with all of the new slang terms millennials come up with, in what seems like a daily basis (she is a millennial too).

Graduate Student, Goodrum Lab

Mike received a B.S. in biology from the University of Maryland at College Park. For his PhD, he is studying the mechanisms by which viruses control their host cells. When not working, Mike enjoy woodworking, trying new foods, and spending time with my wife and our pets.

Graduate Student, Goodrum Lab

Sebastian received his BS in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona. He is interested in how HCMV fine-tunes signaling pathways through differential receptor trafficking. When not “Science-ing”, Sebastian enjoys judo, writing, and pointing out that climate change is real.