Makiko Watanabe, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Makiko Watanabe received her DVM from Rakuno Gakuen University in 1997 and her Ph.D. from Osaka University in 2001. After moving to the USA, she has been working mainly as a virologist at several industry and academic research institutes. She joined the Nikolich Lab in 2019 as an Associate Research Scientist to use her expertise in virology and mouse studies and to expand her experience in human immunology research. Makiko enjoys riding her YAMAHA motorcycle in the perfect weather of Tucson whole year around.

Recent Publications


Ripperger, T. J., J. L. Uhrlaub, M. Watanabe, R. Wong, Y. Castaneda, H. A. Pizzato, M. R. Thompson, C. Bradshaw, C. C. Weinkauf, C. Bime, et al., "Detection, prevalence, and duration of humoral responses to SARS-CoV-2 under conditions of limited population exposure.", medRxiv, 2020 Aug 15. PMCID: PMC7430613  PMID: 32817969