Liz Dahlmann

Graduate Student, Purdy Lab

Liz Dahlmann received a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Fort Lewis College in 2014. She is currently interested in how infection alters cellular host lipid metabolism. When not in the lab, Liz likes to wind down and relax by running Spartan races, GORUCKs, and half marathons.

Recent Publications


Neubert, M. J., E. A. Dahlmann, A. Ambrose, and M. D. L. Johnson, "Copper Chaperone CupA and Zinc Control CopY Regulation of the Pneumococcal Operon.", mSphere, vol. 2, issue 5, 2017 Sep-Oct. PMCID: PMC5646241  PMID: 29062896