Kelvin William Pond

Postdoctoral Research Associate I

Kelvin received his bachelor’s degree in biology in 2010 from the University of Oregon. After this, he obtained his ESL teaching certificate and worked abroad as an English teacher in Prague, CR, and then as a high school science teacher in Bangkok, TH. In 2014, Kelvin moved back to Arizona and received an MS in Biochemistry at Northern Arizona University under Dr. Diane Stearns Studying Uranium Toxicity. Since then, Kelvin has been at the University of Arizona. As a technician, he studied drug resistance mechanisms in pancreatic cancer under Dr. Terry Landowski until joining the lab of Dr. Nathan Ellis in 2015, where he studied DNA repair in human cancers. Kelvin received his PhD in 2019 and is currently helping establish a collaborative project between the Thorne/Bhattacharya groups to develop new ways to target colon cancer using patient specific neoantigen signatures. When not doing experiments, Kelvin basks in the greatest town on the planet, where he enjoys photography, rock climbing, eating tacos, and hanging out with his dog Winston.