Ayesha Swannigan


Ayesha Swannigan is majoring in the Neuroscience undergraduate program at the University of Arizona.  Ayesha is interested in the intersection of trauma and the current autoimmune disease epidemic and hopes to better understand the role of stress in the rise of autoimmune diagnoses.  Ayesha also wants to investigate how societal changes like over-sanitization and the industrial revolution contribute to autoimmunity.  She joined the lab in June 2018 where she has been given the opportunity to investigate a possible neuronal immune response towards the Toxoplasma parasite.  In her free time, she enjoys serving the community as a moderator to several online patient support groups, as well as a quick game of Hearthstone and a good book.  Ayesha plans to continue to her career completing an MD/PhD, and pursuing a medical research career hoping to serve as an advocate for marginalized patients.