Wing Lam

Wing received her Bachelor’s degree from Carleton College and is currently a PhD student in the graduate program of Washington University in St. Louis. Wing’s thesis work defined the metabolic basis of plasma cell survival and antibody-mediated immunity. Wing will be defending her thesis in August 2017. Congratulations, Wing!

Recent Publications


Lam, W. Y., A. M. Becker, K. M. Kennerly, R. Wong, J. D. Curtis, E. M. Llufrio, K. S. McCommis, J. Fahrmann, H. A. Pizzato, R. M. Nunley, et al., "Mitochondrial Pyruvate Import Promotes Long-Term Survival of Antibody-Secreting Plasma Cells.", Immunity, vol. 45, issue 1, pp. 60-73, 2016 Jul 19. PMCID: PMC4956536  PMID: 27396958